21 February, 2006

Reserved the spot

Decided on the Free Enterprise Mine, mainly because they have a radon room. As much as I hate to admit it, I seem to be getting more phobic and claustrophobia can now be added to my list. Maybe it's that recurring dream I've had since childhood where, like Winnie The Pooh I get trapped in the cave and can't get out! At any rate, Free Enterprise seems like the only one in the US that offers a radon room above ground, with the radon piped in from below. Also, since I'm going during my Spring Break and the underground portion isn't open yet due to inclimate weather, that pretty much sealed the deal.
I'll be flying into Salt Lake City where my mum will meet me at the airport and then we'll take the drive up the interstate to Montana. Mom is just about completely fused from years of AS and nary a dx until a few months ago. What really bothers her at present is the psoriasis, hidden by her hair on the back of her head, but not hidden to her itchy fingers! She's willing to give the radon a go just to eliminate that!
I thought things were pretty laid back in Hawaii, but I placed a call to the Mine Motel this morning and someone picked up as though I was calling a residence. For a minute I thought I had the wrong number. "Hello" she said. "Hello" I said back. Pause. Finally I said, "Is this the Mine Motel?" "Yes, I'm on a cell though and it is hard to hear you" Hmmmm.
She was very pleasant, but I got the feeling already like it's not going to be the Four Seasons . She explained that the Radon Room is about a 5 minute drive from the motel. Since we'll be coming in at about 8pm she gave us our motel room number and said that she would just leave it unlocked for us. Said there would be someone around to check on us the next morning.
The rate for 2 people for 11 nights and all the therapy is $838.50U.S. There is only one rate now she said. The prices on the webpage are wrong. Took the cc info. Whoopie. The count down begins.

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